Mediterranean Design

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Mediterranean garden design

The Mediterranean garden is more formal and manicured than a tropical garden. Stately palms and spiky plants such as yuccas, cordylines, agaves, aloes and phormiums are used lavishly in the company of other trees and shrubs normally associated with the drier climate of the Mediterranean, such as olive, magnolia grandiflora and Italian cypress. In spring the garden becomes a riot of colour led by trees like accacia dealbata, which lights up the sky with a dazzling display of yellow mimosa blossom. For those who love colour in their gardens this is where you can really go to town and orleanders, rock roses, impatiens, lavender, agapanthus, canna lilies and a host of other sun loving flowers will provide all the colour you need to complete any Mediterranean design. Hard landscaping includes beautiful natural stone patios, such as travertine and Indian stone. We can design and landscape Mediterranean gardens throughout London and UK.

Garden Designer Peter Phillips | Urban Tropics London