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Roof garden, balconies and terrace design ideas

Living in an apartment in London or inner city several floors up need not mean being denied a garden. Flat roofs, small balconies and terraces can be ideal for creating a garden in the sky. Decking is perfect for this situation, as it allows relatively easy access for any roof maintenance, and a high quality hard wood such as ipe, is not only legendary for its quality, but for its beauty too,

Of course the choice of planting is limited to pots and containers and therefore it is prudent to choose slow growing trees and shrubs that can spend many years with their roots restricted before needing any attention. In deed there are many plants happy to spend their entire lives containerised, providing that they are fed periodically during the growing season, and of course watered regularly. With the benefit of computerised automatic irrigation systems the guess work and relying on your memory to water is eliminated making for peace of mind and low maintenance. We create contemporary, minimalist and modern roof garden, roof terrace and balcony design throughout London and city.

Garden Designer Peter Phillips | Urban Tropics London